Our most popular roofing profile. Durable, weather resistant 29 gauge panels that provide 36" coverage. Panels contain five 3/4" high ribs that are 9" apart on center. We specialize in quick turn around times for this material. Most orders can be ready for pickup within the same or next business day. 

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For a more commercial look, consider our PBR (High-Rib) style panels. PBR panels are 26 gauge and feature large ribs that are 1.25" tall. If we have the material in stock, most orders can be completed within a week. Call for details. 


​we offer three metal roofing patterns to suit your needs:

Classic RIB (AG PANEL)

PBR (R- Panel)

Standing seam roofs are typically installed with pancake (flat-headed) screws, and the panels overlap in a way that the screws are hidden. This provides a clean and professional look. Due to the nature of the panels, standing seam jobs are manufactured on-site with mobile equipment. Panels are 26 gauge. Call for more information.

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