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Ridge Vent is used under the Ridge Cap to allow air to naturally flow up and out of the attic. This helps prevent moisture from becoming trapped in insulation, structural wood, or the roof deck. We stock PROFILEVENT brand Ridge Vent in packs of 20'. (Two 10' Rolls.)

Available in 2", 2.5", and 3".


We keep NOVAFLEX​​​® clear metal roof sealant in stock. It provides unbeatable adhesion to metal and other common construction materials.

Available in 1" and 1.5".

We keep these in stock in 1.5". Call for availability on longer oversize screws.

For your convenience, we also offer #14 Milled Point (oversize) screws. These are thicker than our normal screws and are often used to replace leaking fasteners on homes with older roofs. 

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Whether it be for a bathroom exhaust pipe, electrical conduit, or even stove pipes, most homes have at least one pipe coming through the roof. We keep regular and heat-resistant pipe boots in stock in all sizes. We also have a zipper-type boot to flash around electrical conduits.

A high quality roof demands high quality fasteners. That is why we stock SFS woodGrip; the proven, most reliable metal to wood fasteners in the industry.​ We also keep all required nut drivers to fit them to your drill.

Closure strips provide extra moisture protection for metal roofing, both above and below the panels. We stock inside and outside closure strips.

For roofs fastening to metal, (ex: carports) consider our self drilling screws.

We offer two types of Synthetic Underlayment. Both types come in a 10 sq roll.

For a less expensive option, consider our Black Underlayment. Ideal for lower-pitched roofs. 


East Tennessee Metal



Black Underlayment

Expandable foam tape

​We keep these in stock in 3/4". Call for availability on longer self -drilling screws.

We keep 1" x 4" x 12' Yellow Pine Furring strips in stock at all times. These are a great choice for stripping new roofs, or to prepare older roofs for metal roofing.

Electrical (Zipper) Boot

Ridge Vent


Butyl tape is a type of​ adhesive sealing tape that can be used for many purposes on a roof. Butyl tape combines the adhesive properties of tape with the sealing properties of caulk. It can be very useful when sealing small cracks or seams. We keep Butyl tape in stock in 45' rolls that are 3/8" x 3/32".


Regular             /      Heat Resistant

Pipe Boots

Closure Strips

Underlayment, screws, 1x4x12, boots, closures, novaflex, univent, butyl tape, repair closure, spray paint, turboshears, double bubble insulation, nut drivers.


Roof Pipe Boots

We stock 3/8" x 1" expandable foam tape in 15' rolls.

Palisade Synthetic Underlayment is blue in color and features STRONGHOLD technology which provides superior surface traction. Falls hurt. Enjoy peace of mind when installing your metal roof with the most skid-resistant product on the market.

Inside closure strips are used under the panels, to keep the wind from blowing rain and snow under the panels. Outside closure strips are used under the Ridge Cap to keep rain and snow from blowing under it.